Urine or Urthera infection?


As I reviewed this article published in the NPR called “Common Test For Bladder Infections Misses Too Many Cases “I came across some interesting findings regarding urine track infection. Urine track infection lead to “8 million doctor’s visit a year” according to the Center Of Disease Control and Prevention, this adds to a great amount of expense and unnecessary trouble. When going to the doctor the common testing they might do for a urine track infection is the dipstick test and the urine culture. The dipstick test is the most common used for the reason it detect the infection right away especially for instant decision making.

What I found interesting was that when doing these tests they came across infections with other bacteria’s such as E.Coli. Although it was shown to be low the bacteria is still strong enough to make a women sick. The issue was that many labs were disregarding the showing of the results which Dr. Thomas Hooten disagreed since it can be a possible solution of why there is many “urine track infection”. Dr. Thomas Hooten who was the lead of a study involving 226 women ages 18-49 and took samples both from the midstream test and by putting a catheter in the bladder, Comparing the samples he found some interesting findings.

One quarter of the women although they all had the classic symptoms of infection had no bacteria in the bladder what’s so ever. And a few of those women did have a lot of bacteria. They assumed because there was a high numbers in the midstream culture is because they had high numbers in the bladder. An assumption was made by Donnenberg and mentioned how “Maybe those women have an infection of the urethra rather than the bladder “although it is a statement it is still in the process of figuring out what it really is and what is it caused by. This article also mentions how there might be something else going on that doctors are not aware of. For that reason they’re not fully sure if the women are benefiting from the treatment because they bacterial Urethritis or if it is even necessary to be exposed to the urine track infection antibiotics.

Finding this health issue I am more conscious and knowledgeable regarding this topic and considering if I would to have common “urine track infections” after receiving antibiotics then I can ask a doctor to examine in the urethra to see what exactly I might have.

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