Sexually Transmitted Food Poisoning?


An Article published in NPR caught my attention regarding sexually transmitted food poisoning that is caused by ingested potent fish toxin. This toxin causes foodborne illness, known as ciguatera, ciguatera is new for most people but this particular toxin is more common in tropical and subtropical regions. According to this article, “ciguatoxin is produced by a single-celled Protozoan that sticks to algae on tropical reefs. The poison then moves up the food chain and eventually accumulates in large, predator fish such as a red snapper grouper, amberjack and barracuda.” Most people eat these type of fish unaware the possible effects it might have in your health as well affecting your significant other through sexual intercourse.

This toxin causes Dyspareunia (painful sex) to the other partner. If a man has this toxin it can be passed through their semen affecting their partner and then developing side effects as well. Those side effects include terrible abdominal pain and burning in the penis for men. This is an interesting subject since not everyone is aware of this situation especially if you do not live or eat fish that come from the pacific or Indian oceans. It is even more interesting it can be passed through sexual contact giving the partner right away disturbing pain.

To inform more about the can and cant’s regarding this nasty toxin, this article discuss the importance of keeping an eye out for this particular fish such as; do not order red snapper or grouper caught in areas associated with ciguatera outbreaks. Be aware that one cannot defect the toxin by smell or sight, you cannot cook, clean or freeze the toxin away from the fish. If you still want to eat the fish it would be more on the safe side if you go for smaller fish, less than about three pounds or simply eating limited portion.

Click here for further reading about this health topic.

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