Parents And Teens Aren’t Up To Speed On HPV Risks, Doctors Say

The news article, Parents And Teens Aren’t Up To Speed On HPV Risks, Doctors Say, by NPR focuses on the importance of being vaccinated against Human Papillomavirus at a early age. This article not only emphasizes on the importance of being vaccinated but as well as vaccinating at an early age. Most Human Papillomavirus are harmless but some can cause cervical, anal, and penile cancer as well as genital warts. According to this article parents are not fully educated on HPV vaccination and the outcome of it all.

Researchers have found that it is better to be vaccinated at an early age such as 11-12. The reason why is because it is much more effective if they are vaccinated before they are sexually active versus being vaccinated while your sexually active. While being sexually active and receiving the HPV vaccine doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be as effective but it would be best if they receive the vaccine before even being sexually active and exposed to infections. People mistaken this vaccination to be only for teenagers who are being sexually active and for the reason it is to protect from sexually transmitted diseases.

Although this is one of the main reasons why it is encouraged to be vaccinated, it is also a health issue that in order to decrease vaccination should be consider for a healthier life style. This article also discusses how it is important for parents to increase their knowledge about this particular topic since and HPV is widespread issue. This vaccination is not to encourage anyone to be sexually active; this vaccination has the purpose to protect before they get infected just like any other vaccine. I understand the concerns of a parent by allowing their child/teenager to receive this vaccine but we have to look at it as an opportunity to increase our health for the better. No one has control of someone else’s sexually active life and for that reason as a parent, family, and friends should encourage the HPV vaccination so there is no health risk.

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One Response to Parents And Teens Aren’t Up To Speed On HPV Risks, Doctors Say

  1. I agree with you. More parents need to have their children vaccinated. I know that my son will when he is old enough. I have heard people say that they will not have their child take this vaccination because they are not sexually active. It seems easy enough for me to understand that this is only a preventative measure to keep their child healthy in the future. I guess for some people this concept is hard to grasp. My mother was actually against it for this same reason, but I sat down to tell her about it because I had done a little bit of research. After our talk she decided that she would have my little brother and sister vaccinated. They were not too happy about it because this meant one more shot they had to receive.

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