Not All Screens Are Equally Evil?

kid playing video games

As you may know Television time is bad for all but more for children because it takes time away from being active and they tend to eat more junk food and soda while watching television can cause health problems like excess weight and high blood pressure.

As I was reading this article I was amazed into what I was reading regarding playing video games or on computers and how it effects a child less by doing so than watching television. Although it is bad to do regardless researchers from the University of Michigan found that six graders who watch television tend to eat more junk food and soda versus their peers that spent the same amount on playing video games or on the computer. They also mentioned that obviously being active and playing outside is much better than doing otherwise but the reason they believe one is worse than the other is for the reason that watching TV advertises junk food and soda and their hands aren’t occupied so they tend to occupy them by eating unhealthy. When playing video games and computers they are using their hands so they have a less chance of eating more and games do not have advertisements or commercials regarding food.

Overall this is good information to take in for everyone since our lives consist of technology at all times. It is still not a good idea to let children be on any technology devices for a long period of time but I am glad they made a study and we are more aware of what technology can do and how it is effecting us.

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2 Responses to Not All Screens Are Equally Evil?

  1. bkaygts25 says:

    I never thought that playing video games would be better than watching TV. Kids get so into games that they kind lose reality for a moment and I think that distracts them from wanting to eat. But I still think that video games are dangerous because of the violence it promotes. Health wise it much better though.

    Branden Kay

  2. Julia,
    I was very surprised while reading this information. Personally, I believe children should not be allowed to spend too much time on video games, watching TV, or on the computer. I think researchers say children tend to eat less when they are playing video games or using the computer because they get distracted and are using their hands, whereas watching TV it does not require them to use their hands which causes them to be eating. However, not eating does not help them be healthier. Children should be exposed to healthy eating everyday plus their 60 minutes of physical activity to maintain healthy.
    Great research Julia

    -Xenia Centeno

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