HPV Has Cut Infections In Teenage Girls


This article, “Vaccine Against HPV Has Cut Infections In Teenage Girls” published by NPR attracted my attention since the information they provided was shocking to read regarding the increase of HPV if teenage girls are not vaccinated. The HPV vaccine has been effective and decreasing the infection in teenage girls but The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has set a goal of 80 percent of adolescents fully vaccinated. The reason behind this goal is to have tens of thousands of fewer cases of cervical cancers and deaths.

Reading this article has provided information I was not aware of and even more shocking realizing what could happen if teenage girls are not fully vaccinated. Frieden provided information regarding what can happen if not being fully vaccinated especially if not reaching their goal of 80 percent. Frieden mentioned, “Of girls alive today between the ages of zero and 13, there will be 50,000 more cases of cancer if we don’t increase the rates to 80 percent, And for every single year we delay in getting to 80 percent, another 4,400 women are going to develop cervical cancer in their lifetimes — even with good screening programs.” Basing from what Frieden statistically mentioned this is a serious health problem that can be easily prevented if vaccinated. Parents need to be aware, educated and open more the HPV vaccine in order to realize the vaccine does not have any negative side effects and ultimately it will protect their teenage girls from having cervical cancer.

One of the issues there seems to be in order for teenage girls to receive this vaccine, is cost and parents. Having this vaccination could cost a great amount of money, most insurance cover to receive this vaccination. But for the ones that are not insured it can cost $128 and $135 a dose, or 400 dollars for a full course on a private market. Most parents believe by providing this vaccination to their teens it can increase sexual activity, because of this reason most parents are not encouraging or supporting the HPV vaccine.

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