Cervical Cancer Vaccine, Prevention For Genital Warts?


In the article “Cervical Cancer Vaccine Also Helps Prevent Genital Warts” published by NPR mentioned some interesting discussion regarding the vaccine Human Papillomavirus and the importance of having the vaccination. This article in particular discussed not only the importance of having the vaccine but as well taking all three vaccinations. This vaccine has been affective not only to protect from cervical cancer but as well from genital warts caused from the same virus.

According to this article it has been a struggle to provide these services and to see if they are as effective with one or three vaccines as recommended. One of the subjects the article discussed was age being important. Doctors recommend ages 11 or 12 to be vaccinated in order for the vaccination to be as effective as it can be. By doing so you are protecting yourself but as well preventing the virus from spreading. There has been a bit of controversy since parents are concern of their children’s safety and potential effects on sexual activity. Cost is another issue why they do not have all three vaccinations.

HPV vaccination has been effective so far and I personally believe it is a good idea to be protected and give the protection that your children needs for the future. I can see why parents do not want to provide this vaccine to their children having the fear it can open doors such as, becoming sexually active or having multiple partners. The reality of all is that we do not really know when it is the right time to be protected or protect others and it would be better to be safe than sorry.

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