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As I have further my research regarding Monterey County sexually transmitted diseases spike in young adults I have come across many interesting factors of why STDs have been increasing and one of them being insurance/cost. Because we lack insurance and it is costly to go to the doctor and have regular check-ups young adults will not go to the doctor for general let alone for some “suspension” that they might think they have a sexually transmitted disease.

Because of these choices I further my research on Planned Parenthood to see if it is being used as an option and taken full advantage since it is a reliable and useful source. If not aware Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization that provides services and advice to the community such as; contraception, family planning, and reproductive problems besides providing this services and more they also help you with something that is important to all of us, which is money. If you do not have the funds to pay for the services they ask to give as much as you’re able too, donations or nothing at all, they have their own type of insurance to help you receive these services. What Planned Parenthood is mainly known for is abortions, contraception’s and STD/STI testing and treatment, although there is other services provided outside of these.

What I found interesting is that when scanning through the annual report for Planned Parenthood I found a chart that described what this nonprofit organization was mainly providing to the community and where their money is going too, the number one was for STD/STI testing and treatment being 45%, right behind it was contraception 34%, I was shocked and glad in a way because we are using Planned Parenthood for STD/STI testing and treatment and if young adults use this source more it can potentially decrease the STDs in Monterey County.

Now that I see Planned Parenthood is being used for STD/STI testing and treatment I have come to a realization that as The Monterey County Health Department has mentioned lack of education, knowledge and awareness has a great amount to do with the increase of STDs spike. By informing and providing details of such services like this can not only increase the knowledge but as well as using this services and most importantly protecting the human body from STDs that can possibly cause short, long-term effects.

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One Response to Interesting Facts

  1. Julia,

    I agree with you is great to see that Planned Parenthood is providing these types of services to the public for free. Although, many people may believe that Planned Parenthood encourages abortions that is not the case. Not everyone that goes to Planned Parenthood goes to have an abortion, this program help many people practice safe sex. I believe everyone should have access to STD testing and birth control to prevent the rise of STDS and unwanted pregnancies.


    Evelyn Alvarez

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