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I came across this article discussing what we do with our smartphone while at dinner and I was curious to see what do us as society has accepted to be “okay” when it involves smartphone usage. As I look back to my Childhood phone usage while at dinner was extremely offensive and rude, dinner time was for the family as a whole to come together and share their good and bad experiences throughout the day. Especially when gathering with friends, co-workers etc.

I have asked myself why do I personally gather with other people such as dinner and my reason simply was to enjoy each other’s company and catch up on our day to day life’s of friends, family or co-workers. I have realized that half the time we do the opposite, were all there physically but mentally we are into our technology devices. So what happened? Who made it okay? As technology increases and “betters” we isolate ourselves from personal face to face interaction leaving behind what for some at some point was important. I do it as well instead of taking a break from all technology devices since my work and school consists of that while I eat whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner I rather either watch television, be on my phone or my laptop. Technology alone has taken over us having no control of when to say enough and let go of our smartphones and other devices. This article made me question what she Elise Hu (the author) questioned herself… Where are the boundaries? Do we even have any?

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2 Responses to What To Do With Your Smartphone While You’re Having Dinner

  1. marisa ruiz says:

    Hello Julia,

    I agree that technology has isolated us to only a digital form of communication. Face to face interaction has become unnecessary in particular cases. For example, email has become the easiest form of communication when contacting colleagues. Another example is setting up appointments; I now confirm my doctor’s appointments through email.

    It’s healthy to disconnect from all forms of technology such as phones, laptops and video games. I make it a goal of mine to not be on any form of technology when I’m around people. People may get the impression that their time and presence isn’t valuable if they are being ignored for a text message. Face to face interaction is great and should be practiced more.

    Enjoyed your post.

    Marisa Ruiz

  2. Hi Julia,
    This was a great article! I can’t believe how addicted people (especially teenagers) are to their cellphones/smartphones. I have a strict rule in my house that ALL phones are placed in a basket upon arriving home. My daughter HATES this rule! I think phones (especially smartphones) are distracting, and take away from family time. I’ve even found myself checking email or sending quick text. Our family eats dinner together every night, (another rule of mine) and the last thing I would want to see is a smartphone at my dinner table! Personally, I am not a fan of social media, and I prefer face to face contact with people. I also like to write letters (not emails) occasionally. My middle daughter recently dissevered the lost art of letter writing, and sends letters to family and oddly, businesses, each week.

    Best regards,

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