Adressing the Solutions of Monterey County


Monterey County Health Department has stated that they believe why there is a spike in Monterey County is because there is lack of knowledge, awareness and prevention, specifically talking about young adults from ages 14-24. The Monterey County Health Department believe young adults lack knowledge of what is an STD and how serious they are therefore, it is increasing the rates of Sexually transmitted disease. Young Adults are not as aware as they should be of this health issue and by not being fully aware it increase the chances of having a sexually transmitted disease and not taking care of their body causing long-term effects.

Over the years there has not been frequent “hands-on” education about STDs and how it can be reduced and prevented. There are sources where they inform and educate like online information but the young adults from Monterey seem careless to educate themselves more about the issue. This has been a big impact on why Monterey County has a spike as the Monterey County Health department mentioned several times if young adults increase their knowledge, awareness and education of STDs it will substantially decrease. I personally believe that as well but I think it would have a greater effect if professional educators go out to the community and inform specifically on statistics (how rapidly it is increasing), what is an STD, what you can do to prevent and treat. There are organizations that do so but it makes a difference on how often they go out to the community and share their knowledge and facts about the health issue. Maybe considering options like mandatory informative classes for students that can be beneficial to decrease sexually transmitted diseases.

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2 Responses to Adressing the Solutions of Monterey County

  1. Julia,
    It is truly astonishing to hear that Monterey County has been experiencing a “spike”, in Sexually Transmitted Diseases amongst young adults. I do not know if health education is still taught in high schools but, I think there should be some sort of mandatory class or program that aims to educate the youth to the dangers of promiscuous sex or not taking the proper precautions to protect yourself from ST D’s. You can also blame the spike on the media today that influences the youth to see women as sex objects. It seems like everyday you hear a new song on the radio talking about how much money they got or how many girls they got on the team. It is exactly that extravagant, money stacking, baller, attitude that has today’s youngsters so caught up in material things that they do not see the dangers in its promiscuity. I am glad you brought this matter to the attention of our community.


  2. Hello Julia,
    This a very interesting topic, that should be discussed at schools for teenagers to be aware of the consequences of STD’s. I believe their should be programs implemented starting at middle school, so these teens are aware at an early age of how to prevent from this disease.
    I totally agree with you, since statistics evidently demonstrate the need for these programs to be implemented, and help reduce the number of individuals being affected.

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