Stethoscopes are Spreading Germs?


I came across with some interesting facts regarding germs and Stethoscopes. As I read the article in NPR website “Stethoscopes Do As Much Dirty Work As Hands In Spreading Germs” I was shocked to read that a stethoscopes is as bad as not washing your hands when it comes to spreading germs. In this article it talks about how going in for a doctor’s visit can help you feel better but it can also bring you back to the office because of the germs that the Stethoscopes have.

Linda Poon mentioned that “The center for Disease Control estimates that on any given day, one in every 20 patients has an infection after receiving medical care. Between 30 to 40 percent of those infections happen through the spread of pathogens from one patient to another or from hospital equipment to a patient, often via the hands of healthcare workers” This amazes me on how healthcare workers do not protect their patients form this germs that can cause to sicken the patient, especially because this can be easily prevented after every patient or use to simply wipe the Stethoscopes with an alcohol wipe.

As a society we might not all be aware of this health problem but the doctors are and as Bearman states “Common sense should dictate that reusable equipment should be wiped down after each use” and I agree with him we all disinfect areas that we feel are important whether it is our house, restaurants, office, cars, etc. so why not Stethoscopes and other reusable equipment’s dealing with patients? I have provided the link below if anyone is interested in reading in depth detail.

Click here for futher reading about this health topic.



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3 Responses to Stethoscopes are Spreading Germs?

  1. Julia ,
    This was truly a very we’ll written article that made me realize the dangers of pathogen exposure. We don’t take into consideration that germs can stick onto inanimate objects. When I go to the doctor I am under the impression that I’m there to get well not to become more ill. Hope to read more of your blogs!

    Sincerely , Robert

  2. Julia,

    How scary is that? People go to their doctor to get better not to be exposed to other future illnesses. This is an important health issue that people should be aware about so they can be more cautious. Thank you for sharing the information.


  3. Marisa Ruiz says:


    After reading your blog makes me wonder how is it that the place you go to get better can make you sicker. Its not unheard of to be in a waiting room full of people who are sick; however, doctors offices shouldn’t be putting a patient at risk for contracting another illness with their equipment, such as stethoscope. I suggest that doctor offices practice safer, cleaner, and healthier practices within their office settings. Great information provided.

    Good Luck,
    Marisa Ruiz

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