Reducing the Spread of STDs

What can we do to reduce the spread of STDs? According to the Herald News in the article of The STD case rises dramatically in Monterey County, Dr. Moreno the health officer of the Monterey County health department discussed about how they are trying to increase awareness as one of their source to reduce the spread of STDs.

Educating Monterey County residents can benefit not only to reduce the spread but as well to prevent from the STDs increase to grow. Educating residents can have positive outcomes because not only would they be aware of how to prevent it but as well to be informed of what are the possible symptoms of gonorrhea and syphilis. By doing so it can increase the informative level of STDs and how it can affect people’s long term health.

This article also pointed out how there are specific groups that they can target to also decrease the spread, which are the blacks and gay men who are higher-risk groups and young adults between the ages of 15-24. These particular age groups were accounted for nearly half of new asses in 2012. Dr. Moreno emphasized on educating the risks associated with sex and how to safely deal with them. In this situation I can agree with him because one of the primary sources should be educating and informing the cause-effect of any STDs. It seems like the Monterey County health department are on the right path on trying to decrease the spread of STDs and informing all residents. Which are focusing on specific higher-risk groups and certain ages that have shown an increase of STDs positive.

My only concern or thought that I would have towards this is seeing more action towards informing the residents. They have publicly expressed the facts and informed the spike that has come out. I am looking forward to see what other solutions they might be developing to help this problem.

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