Why now? So what? Who cares?

Why now? Not only has STDs been an issue for decades but it has increased rapidly, we need to be aware of why is it happening and what we can do to prevent it. It is important because we cannot ignore the issue as if it was on the other side of the world and we cannot just brush it off or think it can not affect. It is happening here at Monterey County and we need to find out why it is increasing so fast. Are we not educating the residents enough or not at all? Are we providing and encouraging residents to test for gonorrhea and syphilis? Who is it affecting? Since when has it been increasing? And if there is no change what are we doing to prevent it?

At this point all residents should take into consideration of why STDs have increased because it is going to affect all residents not just certain individuals. Monterey County Health department declared a warning of the spike with gonorrhea and syphilis. The Monterey weekly news reported that, “The U.S. Centers for Disease Control, shows a 123- percent increase in gonorrhea cases and a 56 percent increase in syphilis in 2012. Nationally, the gonorrhea infection rate increased by 4.1 percent over the same time period.” When I read this I was amazed and confused… the questions that came to my head was, what is going on? Why did we let this increase? What are we doing wrong? I could not believe it but I know it is true and this is one of the reasons why I would like to further my research on this topic with hopefully some solutions.

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3 Responses to Why now? So what? Who cares?

  1. alimathis says:

    Hello, Julia.
    This is a very rich topic. STDs are such a large problem, especially people in our generation. Instead of trying to jump directly to the solution, maybe think of the cause and effects of this widespread problem. You’ve already asked some very good questions regarding this issue. Keep up the good work, i can’t wait to read more!


  2. Hello Julia,

    This topic is very important in today’s time, for Sexually Transmitted Diseases will most likely be around forever unless the correct precautions are being taken when being sexually active. As stated in your blog it’s unfortunate that there has been an increase of STD’s in Monterey County. As a reader, who as lived in Monterey County all of her life, it made me realize that there is nowhere that this situation cannot happen in. But also made me appreciate that we have access to these particular studies that make us aware of what is happening in our county and more specifically our communities.

    I’m interested in reading more about your topic especially how is it that it’s going to affect our residents as a whole and not individually. I’m also curious how are the residents taking the news of having an increase in STD’s in Monterey County and do they have a plan of action.

    Best of Luck,
    Marisa Ruiz

  3. Hi Julia,

    Wow the statistics are shocking! All your questions are very good. I cant wait to read more! This issue is something the needs be addressed and people need to be aware of what is happening. We need to know what is causing the spike in gonorrhea and syphilis, in order to help prevent it. Great topic! Can wait to read more (:

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