What I’m Determined to Change, Understand About Child Obesity


I would like to understand more about why child obesity has escalated the way that it has today. For example, how have food portions, eating habits, excessive eating, poor nutrition has changed over the past five years. I would also like to understand the circumstances that it led to this situation like, what are we doing as a society to prevent this from happening, are we not providing enough informative education classes about nutrition to families? Is there a language barrier? And is child obesity increasing because of financial instability?

By answering this questions it would give me a better understanding of not only what and why are we feeding the children unhealthy food or bad nutrition, but as well as opening a greater door to prevent or provide healthy tips. By doing so it might increase a better health for children with obesity. Lastly, after I have answered my questions and concerns through research and sources I would like to provide the children and families a better understanding of what are the causes of child obesity as well as what we can do to prevent or better a Childs health life style.

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