This site was created for a Collaborative Health & Human Services course at California State University, Monterey Bay. It will address the topic of Monterey County STD spike among young adults- on this site you will have access to my advocacy report, letter of appeal, executive summary, oral presentation and blogs.



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  1. Julia,
    your oral presentation was very interesting to learn about. I was not aware that Monterey County had a spike since recent years. I would have liked to known what the increase number was comparatively to last year to get a better understanding of how dramatic the spike was. By having more statistical information it would have shown supporting facts and proof that the spike is occurring. You also touched and focused on two specific STD’s during your presentation, which were syphilis and gonorrhea. That made your topic more focused and concise as to what STD’s you were talking to me about. It was very helpful since there are so many STD’s in general. The information used to support your critical issue was a good starting point and felt you were very passionate about your topic, but there some unclear points as to what you meant with other programs as your proposed solutions. I would have liked for you to touch more on this subject. Overall I think you did a good job and feel like you had a statically pleasing slide show. You really did a great job using white space and using visual rhetoric. At first when I started listening to your presentation it sounded a little fuzzy and was a bit difficult to understand but as it went on, it became clearer. But again overall good oral presentation and we should be proud that we have made it this far in this semester. Good luck with your finals.

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